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      Let happiness be a kind of enjoyment Rides leader

      Engineering case

      Happy island sports equipment to ensure strict standards of excellence, leading the trend, elegant design, to crea

      Four advantages
      Market advantage

      Grasp the market rule, insight into market. Make your business more worry, rest assured, dont worry about it

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      Business advantage

      Professional team, carefully designed, free to provide you with exclusive children amusement project planning and design

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      Product advantage

      Adopt high quality imported raw materials environmental protection, production, packaging, delivery, installation, integration services

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      Brand advantage

      Focus on school facilities for 25 years, kindergarten overall planning and design, supporting facilities production supply, comprehensive service

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      Happy island sports equipment·China''s leading brand sports equipment
            Guangzhou Happy Island Education and Recreation Co. ,Ltd concentrates on R&D、design production、process and sales service ,which is the largest-scaled and integrated toy production enterprise in Huadong area , our products are sold globally .we design and manufacture children playground、fitness equipments、indoor playground、 water park and other facilities and amusement products which professionally for kindergarten、residence area、chamber、park、 department store、private yard and other public area .Happy Island Group is located in the north suburb Guangzhou , It occupies self-built workshop with 45000 square meter ,including large-size production workshop、showroom、 quality testing room etc.We have numbers of outstanding designers、engineer、export businessman 、marketing、production and professional management force. Through researching and developing continuously、adopting the foreign advanced tech 、perfecting and improving our arts and crafts, stressing on the quality, o.【View details
      Our Honor

      We can not do without your support Honor

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      • After-sales service guaranteed trustworthy
        After-sales service guaranteed.

        For more than 20 years, joy island people along the way, trials and hardships, success and frustration; The future, joy island will be written a new chapter in history, to create a healthy and happy l.

      • The main production supporting kindergarten teaching toys
        The main production supporting.

        Company has the independent scientific research and production base of 45000 square meters, designed for kindergarten, residential area, private garden, park, shopping malls and other places design pr.

      • Management policy
        Management policy

        Joy island products by the state sports general administration of quality supervision inspection center of qualified, and have passed GS, CE, NSCC, ISO9001 and other relevant certification authority, .

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      Management of children's amusement equipment s.

      Management of childrens amusement equipment several big mistake Believe that a lot of the early introduction of users operating in childrens amusement equipment will encounter this or that problem, confusion, feel is not as simple as envisioned. But other users business is popular, this is because many users exist in the management of some mistake area, tod.

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      Mat - profile, and use s.

      Mat - profile, and use safely Safely mat is made from the surface and bottom of two parts, the surface for a variety of colors (red, yellow,.

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      Ask The kindergarten has?
      AnsThe kindergarten has? For a child now, in a very young age he began studying in the kindergarten, they are more time to stay in t.
      Ask Investment in water park project common eight questions
      AnsInvestment in water park project common eight questions 1. What is the process to cooperate with us?Project communication - field .

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